Saturday, 5 March 2011

Well then what happened ....

.... was that the next day, the 14th, out daughter's birthday, I came down with the most awful virus-y, chest-y, brochial thingy.  And, yesterday, Friday 4 March, I cancelled my third doc's appointment, as I was at last, feeling better.  Blimey!

I caught this from my lovely grand-daughter, who was so poorly, bless her, so I can't blame her.  Now, my lovely daughter has the same thing, bah!

Mr T and I have been suffering a lot lately, with headaches each morning.  Now, I think I have worked it out. We do spend quite some time each evening.  Then we go to our bed, which has lovely pillows, gorgeous goose down duvet and tempur mattress - you really couldn't ask for more.  But, in the morning we both have such steaming headaches, that make us feel sick.  After being up and about for a while, it will go off, more or less, but returns the next day.  I wonder if we are getting 'swan necks' from the laptops? Then, when we're properly laying down, it is altering how our neck and spine is, causing said headaches.  It's just a thought.

On another note, I have been struggling somewhat with my first City and Guilds project.  Oh, how I hate to be out of my comfort zone!  But, I had a breakthrough this week, and think I am now on the right track.  You see, I can quite comfortably come up with an item to make, think about it and get it made, whether it is knitting, sewing, felting etc.  But, ask me to use my brain to go through the various design elements, de-constructing the elements of the particular item, grr.  I worried, lost sleep, worried some more.  Then, was able to get back to class this week, and bingo!  We have it!  I now need to experiment with colours and sewing methods, and I should be on track for producing something worthy of the exhibition we have due in early May.  I think so, anyway....

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