Sunday, 30 December 2007

Still trapped!

Would you believe it? My back is still not playing nice, urk! Which is a shitty bummer and blimmin' painful to boot (tho' don't boot me, or even touch my left leg, which is fizzy and zinging with sciatica, perleese.)

We were due to have some friends come to stay over the New Year, but I had to cancel at the last minute, bah.

My poor family are having to look after me, thank goodness my bro is staying and is a wiz at tea-making, pill-providing and fried egg maker. Also, my lovely daughter who has been up to help me with the work I simply cannot do, ie bedmaking, hoovering etc.

She also made the most de-licious Xmas dinner, with her own hands and in her own home on The day and we had such a lovely Xmas that I think I shall renounce anymore xmas dinners being cooked by me and hand it all over to her (ha! she still managed to peel sprouts whilst under the 'fluence of Baileys-over-ice x 3.)

Mr T did all the last fortnight's ironing this morning, and didn't moan at all (lies, he did, loads but I gritted my teeth and allowed him his 'space' to express himself.)

And, just recently I was awarded a Roar Award for my writing, woo, hoo!
Thanks, Carenza xx

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