Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Well, here goes ...


Loneliness grips as I am on my way,
And dare to search for you again.
Fog drowns all vision, but I hear you say
‘I’m here.’ The words hanging in refrain.

Drawing me along our avenue
Your arms encircle me as I am filled
With blame and remorse for you …
And dread for the love I fear I’ve killed.

We each hold on. And together we cry,
As we reach the corner and find our place
Our sanctuary, where we sit by
the flames and I watch your face

As your eyes search mine with care
you tell me, ‘stay,’ and stroke my hair.

Karen Philpott


apprentice said...

As you know I'm learning too, but I think it would help if you read this aloud to yourself and you might hear the bits that could maybe use a little tweaking?

Hard subject to write about really, and for me it comes across as a bit abstract.

Have a look here, it's a great resource for poetry writing

tea and cake said...

apprentice: thanks! I will.